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Settimana della Birra Artigianale 2020

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Why Italy Beer Week?

Craft beer in Italy is having a momentum. Every day more and more curious people try a craft beer for the first time and come a bit closer to this exciting world. Both Italian and foreign craft beers have become easily available in bars, pubs, specialist shops and online.

Italy Beer Week was born to support this rising tide with an event aimed at promoting craft beer organically and in the whole country. There is still room for growth, but now that the first pioneering phase has come to a close, we felt the need for an event that could support the category as a whole.

Italy Beer Week aims at promoting the entire world of craft beer, offering visibility to microbreweries and their products and supporting businesses like bars, pubs, restaurants, beershops and beer associations. Reaching national audience, our goal is to spark interest in new customers and feed the enthusiasm of those already aware of it.

Italy Beer Week wants to champion the social character of beer, which was key to success in all those countries where beer is now deeply rooted into social culture. That's why we invite everybody to celebrate the week their own way, attending an event to try and learn more about beer or simply making it an excuse to engage with family and friends.


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